Armando Pedroso

Armando Pedroso is a multi-award winning multi-media contemporary urban-themed artist. Based in Chicago, he spends almost half the year exhibiting his work in numerous indoor and outdoor art fairs throughout the US. Armando’s technique incorporates roofing tar, plaster, acrylic paint and epoxy resin.
  He is easily one of the hardest working artists I know.
Other work is available. Please inquire below.


Armando Pedroso "Untitled" Mixed media on panel 40"x40", 2013 SOLD
Mixed media on panel
40″x40″, 2013
Armando Pedroso "Pieces Of Me (red)" Mixed media on panel 15"x60"x3"D, 2013 SOLD (please inquire)
Pieces Of Me (red)
Mixed media on panel
15″x60″x3″D, 2013
SOLD (please inquire)

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