Blair Chivers

Blair is a very contemporary artist, perhaps making more waves abroad than in his native Canada. His series of inspirational, acid-etched mirrors have been finding themselves in the homes of celebrities and noted art-collectors via galleries and exhibitions in Mexico City, London, Paris, Tokyo and St. Bart’s.

In Paris, for Each X Other, Blair’s concepts have additionally been screened directly onto seasonal fashion-wear lines.

A display of Blair’s mirrors in Tokyo


Blair Chivers "never never never give up" Acid-etch on mirror, on panel 12"x12", $500 24"x24", $1800 Please inquire
never never never give up
Acid-etch on mirror, on panel
12″x12″, $500
24″x24″, $1800
Please inquire


"Live Out Of Your..."
Live Out Of Your…
Silkscreen ink on mirror, on panel
12″x12″, pret a apporter (series)

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