Love Art (Fair) Pre-Preview @ First Canadian Place

Set-up for the preview-display @ First Canadian Place, March 9-27th, pre-Love Art Fair (April 16th-19th)
Set-up for the preview-display @ First Canadian Place, March 9-27th, pre-Love Art Fair (April 16th-19th)

This morning I set-up a preview display wall @ First Canadian Place, featuring two of my mix-media photographs & my new “fluid” abstracts plus a fab painting by gal-about-Collingwood-town Andrea Rinaldo as well as two “cloudscapes” by noted photographer Graham French. We will be sharing a booth in the upcoming Love Art Fair (April 17th-19th @ the Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre). The preview @ FCP runs from March 9-27th, in the main lobby, as you enter from the King Street entrance.

A Small Thank You

For visiting MJG Gallery online, if you see something you’d like to purchase, message me in the comments-section below the artwork of your choice and type “I saw your site, it’s terrific!” or something similar and you’ll enjoy 10% off your art purchase. BTW the gallery absorbes the discount, not the artist.

Toronto.I (detail)

This promotion runs from Thursday, March 5th to Sunday March 8th, 2015. 

And yes, you still have to say “I saw your site, it’s terrific!” to get your 10% thank-you should you make a gallery visit during this same period.

Feel free to check out my other blog posts while you’re here…

Try it, you just might like it

Every work of art held in MJG’s inventory can go out on approval, in-situ, into your home or office before you commit. A client knew my mix-media photograph “Timmies” was what she liked but once immediately held up against the wall in her dining room, it was an immediate, done deal.


MJG Gallery allows all artwork to go out on non-committal consideration; only requiring a credit card number to secure the piece/s. Feel free to try out the artwork for a few days but usually the decision is made within 5 seconds! Your card will not be process nor will you have to go through the hassle of a refund. Only upon saying “yes” will your payment be processed.



Mark’s Going To Auction…

Waddington’s is one of Canada’s oldest auction houses. This coming week, March 2nd-5th, one of my mixed media photographs “Lily @ The Lido.1″ will be offered  in the Spring edition of the online Concrete Contemporary Art Auction.

IMG_0716Even better, my piece has been used extensively to advertise the sale. I can only hope Lily will find a new, happy home! The on-site preview takes place Tuesday March 2nd. Click the link below for more deets.

“Lily @ The Lido.1″ is from my continuing series of “Memory Blocks” whereby I use an existing (or personally taken) photograph and further unique-i-fy it by painting, bleaching, sanding, resining and mix-media-ing the composition into a unique work of art.

Lily @ The Lido





The (2015) Artist Project

The Artist Project is a finely curated and juried annual Contemporary art fair in Toronto. It runs (officially) today, February 20th to Sunday the 22nd. tapCheck out my Facebook gallery-page, featuring a few artist standouts from TAP here

Several MJG-consigning artists including Chris Albert, Ian Busher, Erin Crowley, Rob Croxford, Laura Culic, Jasmine Hum, Eryn O’Neill, Laurie Skantzos and Carol Westcott can be seen; while something tells me MJG will be enjoying some new art-acquisitions by additional artists over the next coming weeks, after my visit to the show!

My Go-To Place for Art Supplies

IMG_0321People ask where I buy my art supplies – my paint, resin, panels –  well, it’s Gwartzman’s @ 448 Spadina (south of College St, in Toronto). In business for some 50 years, Gwartzman’s is as straight-forward and un-glossed as you can get, much like the seemingly gruff (but really not) owner “Mr G”.

Prices are comparable if not downright better than other suppliers including Aboveground & Curry’s while the lovely staff are knowledgeable and educated in the products and inventory. IMG_0324Plus there’s Mr. G. who’s usually good for a quick-quip or two.

I use Tri Art acrylics over Golden while also buying (most of) my pre-stretched canvases and wood panels here as well. I never leave without spending at least $200.IMG_0323IMG_0329

I Put That Sh*t On Everything…Well, Almost Everything

IMG_7229Epoxy resin is a fantastic and popular top-coat for most artwork, including acrylic paintings and photography – NOT oil & encaustic & some plastics – giving it a contemporary, high-gloss finish. But it’s not a wholly easy process, can make a mess while being a tad stinky. I’ve been doing it for several years on my own work and have now been doing it for other artists and clients at very affordable rates.

If you like the resin-effect but want the sheen toned down, there are additional top-coat options I can suggest. Visit me at the MJG to discuss your project.

Remembering Alexander “Lee” McQueen

As a kid growing up on Fashion Television every Sunday night (thanks Jeanne Becker) one of the stand-out designers I marveled at was Alexander McQueen. He shocked & terrified. He thrilled. He brought something new. Today, however, marks the fifth year anniversary of his passing, having killed himself soon after his mom’s death and a few years after his muse and best friend Isabella Blow had also killed herself.

alexander“Lee” to those who were closest to him, created some of the most memorable runway shows. One of his most beloved was “The Horn Of Plenty”. While the best book of his work is “Savage Beauty”, a visual catalogue highlighting a retrospective show in New York City. Order it from Indigo.


“Memory Blocks” by Mark

I’ve developed a series of mixed-media photograph-compositions using a (preferably) vintage photo, re-working it with some digital enhancements, then adding painted and other custom details, followed by an epoxy resin top-coat.

Looking Back When
Mark Gleberzon
Mixed media photograph on panel
30″ dia., 2014 

Speak to me about your design-concept and I’ll do my best to come up with something clever, using your photograph/s (the original is NEVER actually used in the composition), acrylic paint, bleach & sanding techniques, wallpaper, gold leaf, media-tapes and other materials to tell your story.

Prices start from $1.50 per sq/in.

Qatar REALLY-REALLY Likes The Name “Paul”

A few years ago, a purchase was made for Paul Cezanne’s “The Card Players” in the neighborhood of $250 million on behalf of an art museum in Qatar. Paul_Gauguin_When_Will_You_Marry Recently, a mediocre (well I think so anyway) painting by Paul Gauguin was purchased by the same buyers for $300-million-ish, making it the most expensive painting!

“When Will You Marry?”, painted in 1892, features two Tahitian young ladies. Gauguin infamously left his family and family-money in Paris to find himself in Tahiti to live simply and naked like the natives. It’s also said while finding himself in Tahiti, some of the ladies found themselves with syphilis. (Hopefully a rumour)

IT was only after his death that Gauguin’s work finally found the recognition he so desperately wished to find while he was alive.