Jasmine Hum – Encaustic Painting

Jasmine Hum’s encaustic painted, fictional series Camp H-H features Canadian woodland creatures, namely her long-eared cotton-tails.

She’s some-what new to the show-circuit and gallery-scene but hardly under the radar as she was awarded the Emerging Artist Award by the Ontario Society of Artists in 2014.

Other work is available. Please inquire below.

Lapis Encaustic on panel 36"Hx18"W, $1450 (framed)
Encaustic on panel
36″Hx18″W, $1450 SOLD
Lady Withrop Encaustic on panel 18"x18", $1700 (framed)
Lady Withrop
Encaustic on panel
18″x18″, Please inquire









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