My Go-To Place for Art Supplies

IMG_0321People ask where I buy my art supplies – my paint, resin, panels –  well, it’s Gwartzman’s @ 448 Spadina (south of College St, in Toronto). In business for some 50 years, Gwartzman’s is as straight-forward and un-glossed as you can get, much like the seemingly gruff (but really not) owner “Mr G”.

Prices are comparable if not downright better than other suppliers including Aboveground & Curry’s while the lovely staff are knowledgeable and educated in the products and inventory. IMG_0324Plus there’s Mr. G. who’s usually good for a quick-quip or two.

I use Tri Art acrylics over Golden while also buying (most of) my pre-stretched canvases and wood panels here as well. I never leave without spending at least $200.IMG_0323IMG_0329

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