Qatar REALLY-REALLY Likes The Name “Paul”

A few years ago, a purchase was made for Paul Cezanne’s “The Card Players” in the neighborhood of $250 million on behalf of an art museum in Qatar. Paul_Gauguin_When_Will_You_Marry┬áRecently, a mediocre (well I think so anyway) painting by Paul Gauguin was purchased by the same buyers for $300-million-ish, making it the most expensive painting!

“When Will You Marry?”, painted in 1892, features two Tahitian young ladies. Gauguin infamously left his family and family-money in Paris to find himself in Tahiti to live simply and naked like the natives. It’s also said while finding himself in Tahiti, some of the ladies found themselves with syphilis. (Hopefully a rumour)

IT was only after his death that Gauguin’s work finally found the recognition he so desperately wished to find while he was alive.

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