Thank you

As you may have seen whilst either passing by MJG on the street or following me online on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I have decided to close the gallery for now. It’s not for good. Just for now. But I will be shuttering my current location by December 1st. IMG_3123

I wanted to first thank you you for your kind patronage and support of my gallery and my hope in trying to add a little bit to Toronto’s gallery & art scene. And second, I really do need to thank the over sixty (or so) artists from Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Chicago, New York City and elsewhere who’ve contributed to any of the more than forty one-person, two-person and group shows and exhibitions I’ve hosted in Cabbagetown then in my current location in Leslieville.

I will always create my own artwork, one way or another and continue offering it in galleries, group shows as well as indoor art fairs and trade shows…that will never change. And I will always support the local art scene and promote the art world continually on my website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages.

IN the meantime, MJG Gallery is offering a gallery-wide studio sale but sale prices will only be offered in the gallery or by request.

Thank you again. And stay tuned!

Mark Gleberzon

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