Tommy Vohs

An engineer with VIA rail by day, Tommy has been making waves with her iPhone-i-graphic based work for a few years now. Using only her iPhone and various Apps., Tommy will play with time-lapse, colour saturation and ghost imaging to tell her story.
  She’s won several awards for her work in both Canada and the US and focuses primarily on the urban environment within her dynamic work.
Other work is available. Please inquire below.


Tommy Vohs "Rocket Launch" iPhone-i-graphic image on dibond (metal) 40"x40", 2014, Open Edition $1600
Rocket Launch
iPhone-i-graphic image on dibond (metal)
40″x40″, 2014, Open Edition
Please inquire, other sizes available
Tommy Vohs "Separate The Middle" iPhone-i-graphic image on dibond (metal) 32"Hx32"W, Open Edition $1250
Separate The Middle
iPhone-i-graphic image on dibond (metal)
32″Hx32″W, Open Edition



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